It’s time for a change

by Marnie Stewart

Born and bred in Dargaville, I am a mum to twin girls who attend Dargaville Primary School while my husband and I work for major companies here in Dargaville.

I have stepped up as I am worried about the future of the Kaipara, not only for my children but for my friend’s children and possibly my grandkids.

We are lacking people who roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

Roading, tourism, infrastructure, animal control, are just some of the topics that need to be addressed immediately.

I don’t have a PhD or a Dr in front of my name. All I have is the can-do attitude and will do my damn hardest to achieve results for you, the community.

I’m a mum on a mission because I care for what is best for our people. You want to be able to walk down new footpaths and not have to worry about menacing dogs. You can be able to play in our awesome parks. Be able to do stuff with the family every weekend instead of having to travel. Travel on proper, worked-on roads instead of playing dodge the pothole.

Meet more tourists as we want to bring them to our lovely area. I know I’m right for the job, so choose me. Marni Stewart — ‘Mum on a Mish’!