after re-designing and revitalising their restaurant area, staff, friends and family of Koolz Kai await a treat from the new menu

A different kind of holiday spirit

by Andy Bryenton

With Easter and Anzac Day falling so close together this year, many people are taking an extended break. It’s like a second Christmas for some, but with a whole different holiday spirit. The feeling this Easter is all about new life, new ideas and new experiences, so leave the chocolate bunnies in the fridge and come out to taste something new in the Kaipara.

Brand new signs announce the arrival of Koolz Kai in Dargaville, replacing that old standard the Golden Lion as the new management gets into the swing of things. A new sit-down restaurant with a friendly, whanau-inclusive atmosphere is open now, so the message is out to bring the kids and enjoy a menu packed with Kiwi classics like mussel fritter burgers, pauas in cream, boil-up in a pie and big, delicious helpings for a reasonable price. There’s a whole kids’ menu with meals from five bucks — time to treat the entire team!

Meanwhile, those on a holiday road trip will find historical curiosity and a stunning autumn menu at the nearby Northern Wairoa Hotel. Worth a visit for the vintage decor alone and to soak in the sense of colonial history, this grand old landmark has a contemporary kitchen, which delivers everything from satisfying tavern fare )like big, juicy steaks and ribs) through to international flavours. Up the road, there’s another traditional delight to be tried; proper old-fashioned seafood takeaways from a name that’s been in town since the days when fishermen navigated by sail. Some say the Big Matich burger at Matich’s Seafood Restaurant is the best in the business.

Don’t accept anything less than the evidence of your own taste buds.

Brand new in Ruawai is a name that’s building a reputation for deliciousness. The all-new Ruawai Pizza Bar and Steakhouse is well worth a short drive in the countryside. Only a few minutes from Dargaville, the new management delivers on the promise of perfect pizza, succulent steaks and a great atmosphere to relax on a crisp autumn evening.

Speaking of evenings, what about those recent sunsets? There’s no better place to take in the orange and gold splendour of the west coast’s best light show than Baylys Beach, and that means a visit to Sharky’s this holiday weekend to try out their new three-course roast menu. Beautiful sights, wonderful tastes? That’s the essence of a perfect holiday in the Kaipara!