A farming triple threat

by Andy Bryenton

In show business, the triple threat refers to a performer who can sing, dance and act in equal measure. Here, we’re talking about the ability to mow, dig and move materials with aplomb. It’s a feat made possible with a single small tractor and three perfectly balanced pieces of equipment, all of them from Kubota. 

The package starts with the b3150, a small machine with big potential thanks to its 31 horsepower Kubota E-TVCS diesel engine. That is power enough to tackle utility jobs around the lifestyle block or farmyard, in places where larger tractors cannot fit. In fact, if a big contractor with a 100 horse-plus machine takes care of your major tasks in the field, this bright orange workhorse could very well fill in all the gaps. Operators can choose an open top with rollover protection or a fully air-conditioned enclosed cab, but whether it’s a ‘coupe’ or ‘convertible’, Kubota’s b3150 really shines when teamed up with its suite of equipment options.

At the front, there’s the LA534A loader. This broad bucket offers a large lifting capacity, perfect for landscaping or light utility work. The curved boom matches the new hood design for a sleek and modern appearance and provides a better field of vision. Down the back, all it takes is a spin of the seat to command the BH77 backhoe, a trenching and digging tool that does the work of a whole gang of shovel-wielding workers. Moreover, because there may be plenty of other tasks required of the rear PTO, Kubota have made sure it’s easy to attach and detach fast. In the middle, you can opt in a mower with a 72 inch wide cutting deck, perfect for those bigger lawns, which come with the homestead or lifestyle block.

In heavy construction, the combination of a loader on the front and a backhoe behind has become a mainstay when large projects have to come together fast. 

The Kubota b3150 puts a similar combination in the reach of the rural or lifestyle user; inexpensive enough for the home orchard or handling feed for livestock, but also powerful enough to step up and assist in commercial farming’s secondary roles.