One of the Muddy Waters Gallery’s curators puts the finishing touches on this year’s Affordable Arts exhibition, just in time for the holidays

A gift from the Kaipara

by Andy Bryenton

Dargaville’s Muddy Waters Gallery has recently opened a new exhibition with a difference, leading into the festive season. The selection of artworks and jewellery are priced to be gifted to friends and loved ones, giving them a unique piece of the Kaipara for Christmas.

The Affordable Arts exhibition is the work of a long list of local talents, across a vast array of media. With nothing on the walls priced at more than $150, it’s also a great way to give something out of the ordinary for those relatives who are hard to buy for. As one of the exhibiting artists puts it:

“These works are inspired by our surroundings, made by locals, and can’t be bought anywhere else.”

That makes a contemporary painting or handcrafted piece of jewellery a different option from the fare found in the season’s retail catalogues from big box stores. It’s also a way of giving a very personal gift, which reflects this part of the world for relatives and friends visiting for the holidays.

Relatives halfway around the world or even just in another part of New Zealand can receive a window on Kaipara life. Though, of course, it’s also a fine opportunity to invest in some unique artwork for your own home. The Affordable Arts exhibition is entirely made up of pieces that are for sale. It will remain in the Muddy Waters Gallery in Hokianga Road for the holiday season and into the new year, open to the public free of charge. Why not stop by for a look? After all, if you see something you like or something you feel would make a friend’s Christmas that bit more special, there has never been a more affordable time to become an art collector!