Alwyn and Judith Morgan are garden volunteers who pack the veggies and deliver them to local food banks

A helping hand needs help

by Paul Campbell

In uncertain times, community assistance takes on major importance, and a group of volunteers operating under the banner of Arty Farties in Paparoa has a community garden project underway and could do with some help.

“Poverty does not just go away. So perhaps you may consider donating a little of your time towards helping those families who are struggling to make ends meet?” says volunteer Sue Dawson.

“We are a small team and desperately in need of more volunteers. Why not pop in to see what we are doing and maybe find some area in which you could be of help? You will find that there is far more satisfaction in giving than in receiving. At present, all of the garden beds are being revitalised in preparation for the new planting of food crops — a sure road to a successful outcome.

“If you can spare just a couple of hours of your spare time to give us a hand you will be helping those in our community who are less fortunate in life.” Contact Sue Dawson on 09 431 7116.