A leader for a better future

by Victoria Del La Varis-Woodcock

With your vote, my purpose will continue to be safer Kaipara roads, a healthy and vibrant environment and better-connected communities.

My professional successes include managing the Love Kaipara waste minimisation project; early childhood education and governance; and political studies leading to a master’s degree.

For more than two decades living in Kaipara, I have put my skills into action for our communities and the environment. My work has focussed on ways to address the ecological issues facing us and raising awareness of sustainability as an economic principle we need to follow.

These values my husband Douglas and I have passed on to our three Kaipara-raised sons. As an elected member on the council, my vision has been the Kaipara district where all of our children, and their children to come, will have opportunities to live here and thrive.