The new Stiga Tornado 2098 H puts simplicity and ease of use to the fore, creating a great utility ride on for spring 2019

A simple cut, perfected

by Andy Bryenton

As a young man, I remember travelling to that man-cave of yesteryear, the old-fashioned barbershop for a ‘proper hair cut’. There amid magazines about sports and fishing, blokes would discuss politics, rugby and motor racing while getting a classic short back and sides.

It was simple, effective, neat, tidy and quick. Which, if you think about it, is just what you want from your lawnmower as well. A simple job, done just right, with a uniform level of clipped grass as crisp and level as the haircut on our old men’s barber himself. That’s exactly the approach Stiga have taken with their 2019 offering in ride-on lawn maintenance, the Tornado 2098 H. It’s got everything you need in a ride-on and nothing you don’t; more pointedly, the things you do need have been cleverly rethought for efficiency and ease of use.

Take the engine — a 450cc air-cooled unit delivering a reliable 8.4 kilowatts hour after hour. Power goes down through a simple pedal-operated hydrostatic drive, with forward and reverse actuated with heel and toe. The controls can be mastered in seconds, as they, too, are simple and functional, such as a single push button to mow in reverse. The cutting deck beneath features a wide 98cm cut, with twin diagonally offset blades and a side outlet, all mounted on wheels to follow the gradient of the turf. Toughness has been added with a cast-iron front axle and robust steel bumpers to take the knock of day-to-day garden use, while even the plastics used for the cowling and guards are deliberately built stronger.

Best of all, this compact and comfortable ride-on won’t just prove hard to break. It also won’t break the bank. With simplicity to the fore, you’ll still get a drink holder and all the cutting technology you need, but there’s no big-ticket price. In a sector where ride-ons can top the $5,000 mark, this new Stiga will save dollars on both purchase cost and ongoing maintenance. Take a test drive today and gear up for springtime lawns that a sergeant major would be proud of!