June Klenner receiving a Kaipara Grey Power gift of appreciation from Rusty Campbell. June has been president of our association since 2003

A voice for older New Zealanders

by revor Donald, Kaipara Grey Power

Founded 35 years ago, Grey Power is a voluntary organisation, and at that time, there was a media campaign against the current government superannuation policies. With up to 57,000-plus members, Grey Power New Zealand Federation now has 75 associations throughout the country.

Grey Power Aims and Objectives

  • To advance, support and protect the welfare and wellbeing of older people.
  • To affirm and protect the statutory right of every New Zealand resident.
  • To strive for a provision of quality health care to all New Zealand residents regardless of income and location.
  • To oppose all discriminatory and disadvantageous legislation affecting rights, security and dignity.
  • To be non-aligned with any political party, and to present a strong united lobby to all parliament and statutory bodies on matters affecting New Zealanders.
  • To promote and establish links with kindred organisations.
  • To promote recognition of the wide-ranging services provided by senior citizens of New Zealand.
  • To gain recognition as an appropriate voice for all older New Zealanders.

The federation takes action in the areas of research, election strategy, health, energy, local government and housing, retirement villages, law and order, persons 50-plus, social services.

Details of the portfolio holders and the various associations can be accessed on the Grey Power website at greypower.co.nz.

The organisation as a whole is an advocacy group with various members spending approximately a week every two months in Wellington talking to the people that have the power to make the changes.

Grey Power advocacy has been very successful. With assistance from other organisations, the list of achievements over many years is impressive.

Below are just some:

  • Lower doctors’ fees
  • Lower pharmacy Fees
  • Lower tariff electricity
  • Superannuation increased to 66% of the average wage
  • Rate rebate scheme
  • Improved regulations and a code of practice for rest homes
  • Rates rebate scheme indexed to CPI
  • Retention of SuperGold Card off-peak travel
  • Assistance at service stations

Members Benefits (Nationwide)

  • Vesta Cover Funeral/Health Insurance
  • Grey Power Electricity (Scheme)
  • Kiwibank — Pay Grey Power commission on linked accounts
  • Eight cents a litre off at Challenge Fuel
  • AIL Automatic $2,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment cover
  • Scenic train offers

Please support those that support Grey Power that helps to make this area a better community, Grey Power Electricity (cheaper power), PAG law for all legal matters, Norfolk Court for care when you need it, Morris & Morris Funerals and Godfrey Motors.

Kaipara District Mayor Dr Jason Smith will be our guest speaker at our meeting on Friday, July 19 in the Methodist Church complex, Awakino Road.

If you would like more information please contact our President June Klenner 439 1736 or our Secretary Ken Cashin 439 4452 or email the author Trevor Donald tdonald@slingshot.co.nz.