An early rain warning

by Paul Campbell

Despite seemingly incessant rainy days, Kaipara District Council says, in fact, low rainfall during winter has resulted in lowering groundwater levels and early predictions are for continued lower than average rainfall for the early part of the summer.

“It may result in a repeat of water shortage issues in the Mangawhai area experienced last summer, and with summer approaching, this is a reminder to take extra care not to waste water in the hot, probably dry, months ahead,” said council spokesman, Benjamin Hope.

“Low water levels are an issue that the region faces every summer, and to get people thinking about water conservation now can help people be prepared for the summer months. While there have been wet weather days, the groundwater levels are quite low at the moment.”

The Northland Regional Council is predicting lower than average rainfall for early summer.

“On rural properties, people are also urged to consider how they manage, use and save water. For those on tanks, water carriers in Kaipara are covered under our drought management plan, so when water levels drop, people may not be able to get water delivered.

For more information about water conservation, go to

“You can also find updates on water levels, and see predicted rainfalls and river updates via the Northland Regional Council website.

“If you do need to have water delivered, the Northland District Health Board recommends using a registered water carrier to ensure the water is not contaminated.

A list of registered carriers is on the Northland District Health Board website.