Arapohue Show accolade

by Andy Bryenton

“The weather was good, the grounds were firm, the crowds were great, there were no cattle, thanks to M Bovis, but all other sections went well and to top it all we made a profit.”

President of the Northern Wairoa A&P Show, Richard Alspach, succinctly summed up this year’s event at Arapohue in his recent report to the annual general meeting.

“The indoor section had a record number of entries, up nearly 25% on the previous year,“ he said.

“We had six horse rings going at once. There is, however, an OSH issue we need to address, and that is fencing of the show ring. A single strand of rope between horses and the public is not really desirable. Fencing the ring would go a long way to solving that problem.”

Due to M Bovis there were no cattle at the show this year.

“Over the next few months we will be communicating with our exhibitors as well as MPI, to see how we can best get cattle back again,” Mr Alspach said. “If not in full competition, at least as a demonstration, with perhaps a public judging competition.”