Ariel’s Hill slip progress

by Paul Campbell

Motorists traversing SH12 between Paparoa and Maungaturoto have experienced short delays as remedial work has been carried out on a slip at the top of Ariel’s Hill, with traffic flows interrupted by either stop-go signallers or automated traffic lights.

However, Transit NZ says good progress is being made. “Work to repair a partial road washout on State Highway 12 near Paparoa in Northland is progressing well,” says the Northland System manager, Jacqui Hori-Hoult.

Drainage works were expected to be finished last week, and road construction is due to be underway this week.

Traffic will soon be moved across to the new road alignment while the actual slip is repaired. The road alignment has been moved about 1.5 metres to more stable ground, which necessitated excavation work.

“Until completion, there will be manual stop/go traffic control through the day while crews are on-site, with temporary traffic lights at all other times.

We ask motorists to be vigilant and keep to the temporary speed limits while we carry out this essential work to restore the state highway,” says Ms Hori-Hoult.