Nigel and Donna Randell are at the peak of Kiwi bodybuilding, with a phenomenal haul of awards at the recent National Amateur Bodybuilders Association tournament

Building a path to victory

by Andy Bryenton

Two Dargaville locals have beaten all comers to take home a swag of trophies in the National Amateur Body Builders Association’s recent tournament, held in Auckland.

Donna and Nigel Randell have been active in the sport of competitive bodybuilding for more than 18 years now, honing and perfecting their skills to achieve the highest levels of competition, both here and overseas.

Travelling to this latest tourney with the help of their trainer Aylmer Porter, the couple swept the field in a range of categories.

Nigel won first place in the Master’s competition for men, while Donna took home the first place Open Figure award. Overall 2019 Mr Auckland NABBA Champ and Overall 2019 Ms Auckland NABBA Champ also went to the Randells. Then they went on to sweep the field in the couples division, taking first place there too. Randell’s gym (located in their home) beat out massive corporate gymnasia to be crowned best bodybuilding gym.

“It’s very demanding but very rewarding,” says Nigel, admitting that even after 18 years there is still a rush of adrenaline and nerves when taking the stage to compete. “Competition itself can be punishing, 10 times more so than a workout, but the hard work pays off.”

Both he and Donna agree that the art of bodybuilding is now a precise science, with food measured to the gram and exercise tailored to perfectly accentuate every muscle group. They would like to offer heartfelt thanks to their sponsors, trainer and supporters for the win, ahead of future competitions in only six weeks time.