Whanau Focus Centre staff from many agencies and groups have joined forces to assist the needy — now they need your help

Building blocks of community care

by Andy Bryenton

Dargaville’s Whanau Focus Centre has been in their new premises for more than half a year now, and the collaboration between agencies and advocates at the central hub on Victoria Street has proven to be extremely beneficial for all involved.

Now the group, which comprises those caring for the young, the elderly and many vulnerable families in between, is seeking to expand their services.

The Whanau Focus Centre is the home for local justices of the peace, parenting educators, social workers, Alzheimer’s support staff, Kaipara Abuse Prevention’s mentoring programme for at-risk girls and boys, Age Concern and also the site of the town’s free legal advice clinics, to name but a few.

Working together, the various people who make up the centre have been able to collaborate on ways to help those in the community who require assistance and protection. Now they’re raising money to continue this mission, and to expand on what they can do for those in need.

Centre spokesperson Rachael Ashford says that the novel fundraiser will see the prominent street-front window of their building filled with ‘building blocks’, cardboard and paper ‘bricks’ with the names of donors displayed.

In this way, everyone shopping in the main street or visiting Dargaville will be able to see which businesses and individuals have pitched in to assist; a great public relations push and a chance to support a worthy cause.

Rachael hopes that the window will be ‘bricked in’ from floor to ceiling; money raised will go a long way to assisting with the many projects undertaken by Whanau Focus Centre members in their support of vulnerable members of the community.

To get involved, get in touch by calling Rachael on 022 630 8643 or emailing whanaufocusmanger@gmail.com.