Members of the Dargaville Floral Art Club proudly display some of their works using springtime flowers

Celebrating nature’s paintbox

by Andy Bryenton

The Dargaville Floral Art Club have celebrated 25 years of friendship and creativity this year, with the advent of spring’s flowers providing the perfect opportunity to craft with and appreciate the beauty of nature.

President Margaret Pinny was modest about the history of good works, which the floral artists have undertaken, including a Christmastime tradition of making hand-crafted arrangements to brighten up the local hospice.

The arrangements on display at their most recent meeting, marking the 25-year milestone, were confections of colour and form, in a variety of styles from cascades of colour to restrained Japanese Ikebana-inspired pieces and even works with woven harakeke and driftwood. Floral art has a long history both in the east and the west, and members of the club in Dargaville say that they enjoy being part of a hobby, which builds their skills, engages the mind and the creative spirit, and often sees them searching the garden for the perfect specimen flowers and leaves; time in the outdoors and amongst nature. They offer a warm welcome to anyone who wants to join, whether they are veterans or beginners, lovers of art or appreciators of nature, young or old. Give the president a call if you would like to know more on 09 439 4560.