Chemists urge patience, precision

by Andy Bryenton

Local chemists have reached out to the community to help them with a titanic workload during the Covid-19 lockdown, by following common-sense rules and accepting the rules. 

Pharmacist Marcus Paul and the Orrs team in Dargaville give the following advice to those who need a prescription or repeat during the lockdown. The pharmacy is not open for any other services, including the retailing of other items on the shelves. 

“We are begging you to help protect our patients and our staff. We do not want to end up like another Italy,” say the pharmacists, stressing that they are at the front lines of this outbreak. 

These rules and hints will help you get the meds you need:

* The time between ordering a script and being delivered to the pharmacy is now 2.5 to 3 days — plan in advance. Don’t come early. If it’s urgent, tell us at the time, and we will mark it as such. Be very clear. 

* Please write down ALL the scripts you are picking up, clearly, on paper, with each individual person’s full legal name, address, and include the words ‘dropped off’ if you dropped it in yourself, ‘repeat ordered’ — if you actually ordered the repeat, or ‘script ordered’ if your prescriber was going to send it to us. Be sure to include the date this event took place.

* Check your script before handing it in to see if the doctor has included all the meds he or she should. Check what we give you carefully in your car before driving away to ensure you have everything you need

* Repeats can only be ordered by phoning 09 439 8325 and pushing option 1. Leave a clear, detailed message with your full name as it appears on your prescription, your address, and the actual items you are after. Most importantly leave a cell number and landline number.

* Please leave the car parks out the front of the main entrance clear for sanitation services, courier drivers, medicine deliveries,  emergency service vehicles and those who have mobility issues — think of others who may be right behind you wanting to park. If you are self-isolating and can’t leave your car, please park by the gumdigger and phone us on 09 439 8325 and follow the instructions. No phone? Then periodically honk your horn until we can serve you. We request that you have your request written on paper to help us.

* We can only accept EFTPOS at this stage. If you can’t pay, please let us know immediately so that we can find a solution. Sanitise before and after use. Use your card to push the buttons — not your fingers.

* Expect us to be closed between 11am to 1pm for sanitising and to keep up with work. When we close at the end of the working day, we will still be here working as long as we are able. If you need to drop off or collect as per guidelines please knock. If we cannot serve you due — please do not be offended if we can’t. We will turn the phone system off from time to time when face to face demand is high. If you need emergency help dial 111.

* Great News Flash: If you are elderly and chronically ill and need medicine delivery, please phone Te Ha on 09 439 3013 or 0800 MYTEHA that’s 0800 698 342. They will attempt to help you out if possible and if warranted — Nga Mihi Te Ha — Tinopai.

Thank you to all those in the community who are treating not just our pharmacy staff but all front line services during this crisis with respect and patience