Organisations across the Kaipara like Mangawahi’s volunteer lifeguards were the big winners as grants close to $100,000 were disbursed this month

Community grants awarded

by Andy Bryenton

No less than 23 community groups have received funding from a pool total close to $100,000, from the Kaipara District Council Community Grants announced last week.

The committee, which decides on the disbursement to organisations doing good things in the community chose a varied selection of recipients, ranging from volunteer lifeguards through to community halls, arts and culture, support groups and more.

Some noteworthy contributions include $10,000 for Dargaville’s iconic hilltop museum, $3,855 for much-needed lighting for the Northern Wairoa Association Football Club, and $2,573 to help equip the Northern Wairoa A&P Association with audio and communications equipment. In all, $99,995 was granted to groups and organisations from Kaihu across to Mangawhai, and all points in between. Funding will assist with projects as varied as roof repairs, aquaponics, volunteer training and tourist signage.

Grants such as these are open each year, through the Kaipara District Council. Those who wish to make an application for 2020 are advised that information about the process will be posted on the KDC website in June of next year.

Alternatively, those with a good cause or worthy community project can find more information now at