Appropriate dog control is one of the items the draft policy highlights

Council addresses dog control

by Jill Dickie

Kaipara District Council is inviting public submissions on a draft Policy on Dogs and Dog Management Bylaw, proposing new rules for dogs in the district, which will replace the current 2009 bylaw.

The draft policy aims to keep dogs as a positive part of life in the Kaipara region, adopt measures to protect the safety of the community and promote responsible dog ownership. It would include dog identification, ensuring behavioural and welfare needs are met, limiting the number of dogs kept at an urban property and maintaining appropriate control of a dog.

“We would like to hear your feedback on the approach we are proposing, particularly regarding where the rules apply,” said KDC policy analyst, Mark Schreurs.

The Dog Control Act 1996 requires that a council policy will minimise danger, distress and nuisance within a community. The act also highlights the importance of enabling people to use public areas without fear or intimidation of dogs.

The Kaipara District Dog Management Bylaw is the legal means of enforcing specific rules outlined, such as picking up droppings in public places, wandering dogs and the number of dogs that may be kept in an urban area.

Submissions can be made online at or email to, delivered to one of the council’s offices, or posted to Kaipara District Council, Private Bag 1001, Dargaville 0340.

The final date for submissions is 4.30pm, April 10.