Council changes ‘streamline’ governance

by Paul Campbell

Kaipara District Council has adopted a new committee structure, with a focus on collaboration and using the skills of elected members coupled with community representation from the four council wards. At the same time remuneration for the mayor, deputy mayor and councillors have been confirmed.

Mayor Jason Smith, says each of the wards should be represented on the major committees, particularly for the district’s three priority parks.

“We have a representative range of views from people across the district,” says Dr Smith. “Community representation has also been cemented in the committees to make sure we include the perspectives of iwi partners, other councils and other groups within the community. We want to draw on the strengths, talents and experience that sits within these groups and focus on making good decisions.

“Long term issues and planning will be considered by the newly established Kaipara Horizons Committee.

“Some of these issues can appear distant and small at first, but these can be things that will likely become significant as they draw nearer. They would cover things like the Kaipara Moana Treaty Settlement, climate change ideas, future sea-level risks, and so on. This committee will bring these matters together and refer them to the full council for decisions.”

Several grants and awards committees have been amalgamated to help streamline governance efforts. The whole council will continue to work on regulatory matters and make decisions.

At the same meeting, remuneration was discussed for elected members. The mayor’s salary is established by the Remuneration Authority at $119,000.

The deputy mayor will receive a base annual payment of $55,000, for leadership and assisting with the duties and responsibilities of the mayor. Councillors will all receive a flat $43,489, reflecting the evenly shared committee workload.

The full list of committee appointments is at