This year’s Dargaville Wearable Arts extravaganza is set to be the biggest and brightest yet, with a huge creative team working hard to make it phenomenal

Creative forces united

by Andy Bryenton

Excitement is building as the countdown begins to the 2019 Dargaville Wearable Arts extravaganza, the third annual evolution of this creative showcase of talent. This year, organisers have assembled a creative team to deliver a more streamlined and engaging show than ever before, but all agree that the designers and their artworks will take the limelight.

Chairman of the Dargaville Arts Association Allan Mortensen says he is extremely excited about this year’s show.

“I’m very pleased with this year’s entries. It’s all about the outfits; that’s what the people come to see, and we’ve gathered a great team to make sure the designers’ work gets a chance to shine.”

Key to that team is creative director Chloe King, who also reiterates the fact that this massive community event is a team effort, bringing the skills, abilities and viewpoints of a small army of volunteers into play.

“It’s a new angle for me to be working on a show of this magnitude,” she says, discussing the number of directorial and creative decisions made to frame the work of our wearable arts creators.

“I’m keen to see it all come together on stage. It’s the culmination of a lot of work by a team who are all extremely passionate about the arts.”

Making the event extra special this year is Dr Maggie Buxton, who brings a new level of creative technology to the wearable arts event. Working in the emergent space between art and tech, Dr Buxton’s Awhiworld company are masters of transforming spaces with projection mapping.

She says that the venue will be transformed into a virtual cave of light for the event, with vivid graphics helping emphasise the wearable artworks, as well as to inform and immerse the audience.

Tickets are on sale July 19.