Creative jam

by Andy Bryenton

This Friday, May 25, sees the return to the Kaipara of a musical tradition, which has been missing for many moons; a creative, open mic jam live at the Northern Wairoa Boating Club.

When he first moved to Dargaville more than a decade ago host, Olly Knox found a flourishing music scene centered around the Funky Fish and their open mic nights. It was there he connected with a community and found a space for improvised jam sessions and opportunities for people to get up and play whatever they wanted to play. Open mics foster talent and have been the place where great bands have come together. With the closure of the Funky Fish and a subsequent gap in the sonic landscape, Mr Knox has taken it upon himself to host an Open Mic for NZ Music Month.

The event is to be held at the superbly positioned Northern Wairoa Boating Club looking out over the river and starting at 7pm.

It’s open to any type of performance and is a chance to get out and reconnect with the musical community, have fun and play music, recite poetry, sing or improvise. A full band set-up of a drum kit, amps, and microphones will be provided, but please bring your own instruments as well. It’s only a gold coin to come and join the fun, which precedes a massive showcase of the visual and musical arts to come later, at Matariki.