Mahoe created the Whopper Chopper’ to power through firewood, and the Greenways Trust team are putting it to good use

Delivering warmer winters

by Andy Bryenton

This April the gigantic stock of firewood behind the fences of Greenways Trust has reached Everest-sized proportions.

A dedicated team have been hard at work as the weather changes to autumn, tackling the task of cutting it all down to size, to help warm the homes of our residents and they have a new tool in their arsenal.

The Whopper Chopper is the creation of Mahoe machinery, a Kiwi firm who have helped immensely in bringing this new piece of infrastructure to the Greenways crew. With their expertise and some focussed training, all hands are on deck to operate the giant yellow wood splitter, which, according to its enthusiastic new operators, has ‘never met a log it could not handle’.

A kind donation from Pub Charity has helped upgrade the wood yard from small log splitters to this powerful machine, upping production from 14 to 40 cubes of wood a day. That means a powerful boost in output, and more firewood available for locals, who in previous years may have missed their opportunity to buy from Greenways as the winter carried on. Now the process is streamlined — from contractors Daniel and Lesley who source ‘donor’ trees, picking up unwanted logs of gum, macrocarpa and other hot-burning woods from around the region — through to the powerful ‘chopper’ and on to bags of dry and ready fire fuel.

The by-product of the machine is a collection of fire-lighting scraps which are also for sale. In fact, there’s so much wood that commercial relationships are being built as well.

Greenways continue to do good in the community with this significant investment set to pay dividends this winter and for years to come.