The 100 kph limit may reduce for specific finishing work at Matakohe

Deviation project nears completion

by Paul Campbell

After several months of delays and speed restrictions as the multimillion-dollar SH12 bridges replacement and road deviation came into being at Matakohe, the road has now been restored to a 100kp/h permanent speed limit — with a reservation.

“There will be times when we need to put speed restrictions in place in specific areas to enable remaining work, for example, for the delivery of plants — to be completed safely,” said contractor Fulton Hogan’s Melanie Norris.

Work still underway associated with the new section of highway includes Matakohe East Road corner easing.

“We have cleared the vegetation and have commenced service relocations.

Once this is finished we will start the drainage and earthworks in the old feijoa orchard,” she said.

“We have completed all mulching for the project and approximately half of the planting with the remainder completed throughout June.

“We have started construction on the shared path and Wahi Taonga area.

You will see the area transform over the next month.”

The shared path for cyclists and pedestrians is to continue westwards, and the Matakohe Cycleway committee’s Steve Tapp says progress has been made on a proposed route from Te Kowhai Road to Gallies Road and on to Matakohe.

“This will utilise a road reserve between several farms. A pricing plan is underway so we can apply to appropriate agencies for funding,” he said.

Ms Norris added: “You will see the last of the minor (Matakohe deviation) works roll out over the next couple of months and we will deliver a final project update in July/August.”

Drone footage of the deviation is available at