Dog control in the spotlight

by Andy Bryenton

Submissions have closed on proposed changes to aspects of the Kaipara District Council’s dog control policy, with more than 200 residents having their say with regards to what has become a controversial subject on social media.

Dog control, in general, has been in the spotlight, with a recent petition by Dargaville man Graham Jones spurring further action, and attacks on family pets stirring online outrage. While the changes covered by recent submissions more specifically concern areas where dogs will be permitted to be exercised on and off leash under supervision, Council have further plans to address public concerns at their next regular meeting on May 2.

Meanwhile, having areas where dogs can socialise and exercise is a piece of the overall dog management framework, encouraging responsible ownership.

Council spokesperson Ben Hope says that there have been some good responses to the invitation for submissions and that there are still more on paper or via email to be sorted and collated. Additionally, the chief executive of the Kaipara District Council has been instructed to produce a report addressing residents’ concerns regarding roaming and dangerous dogs, to be presented at a meeting, which is open to the public on May 2. A full itinerary of this meeting will be forthcoming on the council website. Mr Hope acknowledges that dog control is a complex issue, with vital input from both the council via regulations such as those, which have just been open for submissions, through education and initiatives such as registration and from dog owners themselves.

The current dog control service provider, responding to call-outs and sightings of roaming dogs, can be contacted on 0800 105 890.