Dog control rules in force

by Paul Campbell

New dog control rules in Kaipara district are now in effect after they were adopted by the Kaipara District Council after a policy review.

The new policy and bylaw have become effective from July 9 under the Dog Control Act 1996, which are required to be reviewed every 10 years. The new rules are different from the previous rules adopted in 2009 and to the draft rules recently the subject of public consultation.

“Council would like to thank all those who submitted on the draft rules,” said KDC spokesperson Benjamin Hope.

“Council was impressed with the quality of many of the submissions and the clear consensus regarding some issues. Consequently, a number of amendments have been made to the rules.”.

Key changes include -but are not limited to:

Dogs are not permitted on the Mangawhai Cliff Top Walk.

Dogs are required to be on a leash on the beaches around the Mangawhai Harbour (except the sandspit where they are prohibited) with the following exceptions where dogs will be permitted off-leash before 10am and after 5pm:

Picnic Bay, The Estuary Beach from the Alamar Crescent boat ramp to the rocks at Bullet Point, Lincoln Street Reserve and adjoining beach and the beach from the end of Pearson Street to the point at the north of Kainui Street Reserve.

Dogs are permitted at the shops on Wood Street, Mangawhai Heads provided they are on a leash.

The submissions revealed there is a clear consensus that the rules for Pahi remain largely unchanged (where dogs must be on a leash.).

Dogs are prohibited from Pou Tu Te Rangi Pa and required to be on a leash in the remainder of Harding Park, Dargaville and in all council controlled cemeteries.

People wanting to keep more than two dogs (including puppies) at an urban property must apply for a permit from the council.

A leash is required on the roads around the Waipoua and Trounson kauri forests to protect kiwi.

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