Kaipara Mayor, Jason Smith

Draft plan would move town centre

by Paul Campbell

Kaipara District Council is turning to an online survey to get public reaction to the idea of moving the Dargaville town centre up Hokianga Road, which is included a draft spatial plan consultation that runs until Friday, November 29 2019.

The council is asking the community for their views on the three top planning options for Dargaville, Kaiwaka and Maungaturoto. The draft plans build on feedback already received from businesses, industry and communities.

They include development areas for residential housing, light and heavy industry and spaces to meet growth, and increase sustainability. Proposals for Mangawhai will be available in December.

Alongside a new downtown for Dargaville are proposals for how to extend Maungaturoto towards the rail line, and to intensify the build-up along State Highway 1 in Kaiwaka.

Kaipara Mayor Jason Smith encourages people to get involved in shaping the future of Kaipara’s main towns.

“We’re thinking 30 years into the future, and together with community, we all need to get on with shaping some important decisions now. The spatial plans are like nothing that’s ever been done for planning in Kaipara, and I hope people will take a fresh look here.

“The spatial plans will help Kaipara, as one of the fastest-growing districts in New Zealand, thrive through changes ahead of it. They will help us preserve things we value about Kaipara and make the best of our opportunities for a sustainable future.”

District planner, Paul Waanders, echoed Dr Smith. “We’ve considered how we use the areas that are most likely to be affected by climate change and natural disasters, like earthquakes. We’ve also considered where our most fertile land is and how to keep it productive. We’re thinking about transport routes and where industry needs to go. There are a lot of possibilities, and we’d like to hear what you think.

“The spatial plan will feed into a new District Plan, which will have a direct impact on how your growing towns accommodate or welcome change.”

To learn more about the Spatial Plan and have your input, visit kaipara.govt.nz/haveyoursay.

Drop-In sessions have already taken place in Dargaville while one is set for Maungaturoto — Tuesday, November 19 at Maungaturoto Centennial Hall, 3.30pm– 7.30pm and another for Kaiwaka — Wednesday, November 20, at Kaiwaka Sports Complex, 4.00pm– 7.30pm.