Eryn Wilson-Collins

Eryn Wilson-Collins

by Andy Bryenton

I was born and grew up in Dargaville. As an adult, I choose to live here for the lifestyle it offers. I love this town. I love this district.

I want to be proactive in making Dargaville the best little town it can be and Kaipara a cohesive, vibrant, extended community. I believe there can and should be a balance between economic outcomes and sustainability, modern life and small-town values, growth and retaining the character of this area.

I believe I have the usual qualities you look for in a community representative, honesty, integrity and business acumen. However, I also believe I would bring passion, a new perspective and relatability to this council.

Obviously, I have my ideas as to what is good for this town and its residents, but I will also be a voice for your opinions, issues, concerns and ideas. I’m not afraid to speak up, and I’m not afraid to stand up.

Now to blow my own trumpet. I have been involved in community groups since I was a teenager. I am currently president of the Dargaville Little Theatre and serve on the Dargaville Community Cinema Charitable Trust. I have great organisational skills and a business management background.

If you believe it’s time for a new voice, a new face on your council, then vote Eryn number one for Dargaville Ward.