Maintenance workers are considered vital to keeping amenities and utilities running during the lockdown period

Essential services to see us through

by Andy Bryenton

During the coronavirus lockdown, only essential services will still function, allowing food and consumables to make it to supermarkets, and for utilities such as water, power and internet to continue operating. 

There are some less obvious services out there; however, it’s good to know are still in operation for us despite restrictions. 

Keeping up with the fast-track nature of decisions surrounding the government’s Covid-19 response, a final list was only made on Tuesday, March 24, within a day of the lockdown coming into effect. After much deliberation, the list has been cut back to ensure the majority of people can self-isolate and thus mitigate the damage caused by the coronavirus. 

“Only the businesses absolutely essential to ensure the necessities of life, like supermarkets and pharmacies, can stay open. If in doubt, the business premises should be closed,” said Deputy CEO of MBIE, Paul Stocks.

Thus pharmacies will be open to supply medication, and supermarkets to provide food, drink and other consumables. Their supply chains, for example, trucking and logistics companies, will also remain in action. Dairies will operate on a ‘one in, one out’ rule, limiting the number of customers drastically. Service Stations are expected to operate by serving customers through the ‘night pay’ window with pumps on pre-pay. Banks will remain open as many people will need to make adjustments to their finances to ride out the crisis. Courier services will operate, as will laundromats. Certain businesses who serve the trades will be open to trade customers only, to keep repairs and maintenance possible, especially in the rural sector.

Thankfully, those on the front lines of medicine will still be in full operation. All midwives, hospitals, clinics, doctors and other medical staff will remain open, with the message to potential patients that it’s best to be safe than sorry. Limit non-essential visits but please do request medical help if you need it.