Get out there and enjoy a day of fun with Paparoa’s canine citizens — and their human friends

Every dog’s day to play

by Andy Bryenton

Pups, pooches, pugs and pampered pets will all have their time to shine at Paparoa’s perennial parade of ‘man’s best friends’ on October 20. The 2019 Dog’s Day out will take place at the Paparoa Hall and Showgrounds, and promises family fun for all dog lovers.

Organisers, the Paparoa Hall Committee, are set to deliver a day filled with competitions for dogs and owners, demonstrations of canine agility, intelligence and skill, and plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle. The action will be fast-paced on the Fly Agility and RallyO courses, which will challenge both dogs and their handlers. Then there are prizes for the cutest puppy, the dog and owner who look them or similar, the scruffiest dog, the best-dressed dog, the cleverest tricks; a veritable feast of awards for almost every aspect of ‘a dog’s life’. Every single dog registered to compete will take away a tasty treat, so there will be plenty of tails wagging.

Humans who are keen to attend alongside the real stars of the show are reminded to bring water and snacks for their pets, a lead (dogs must be on-leash at all times) and everything needed to clean up ‘unwanted deposits’.

Dogs should be well behaved around other pups and children, or they may be asked to leave the event. There will be plenty of cold drinks, hot coffee, delicious food and hospitality for all. The fun begins at 10.30 am on October 20, with registration for every competing dog set at just $10. Email for all the info, and come along for some fun with your four-legged friends.