Fire by permit only

by Andy Bryenton

Hot and dry conditions have led to the imposition of a restricted fire status across the northern part of New Zealand, meaning it’s now the season to get a permit before lighting up.

From 8am Tuesday, November 26, fire authorities advise that the fire season has been changed to ‘fire by permit only’ across the north. This status change applies for both urban and rural areas in the Far North, Whangarei and across the Kaipara district.

The public is advised to go to, an online fire safety resource, to make an application for a fire permit. It is also the place to determine whether your planned fire is an ‘authorised’ fire, meaning that no permit is required. Hangis and barbecues, for example, fall into this category.

There is no charge for permits. Moreover, this checking process allows our firefighters to know in advance what is going on, and to keep a close watch on conditions as we enter a dry, windy and hence hazardous part of the year.