Funding sought for CCTV

by Paul Campbell

Dargaville businesses are being asked to contribute to the continuing success of the town’s CCTV system by subscribing funds to support the service.

“Stage one of the system is worth its weight in gold,” says community constable Reuben Cohen. “It’s a vital tool that helps us in our day-to-day operations. It is hard to overstate its importance.”

CCTV project consultant, Sue Curtis says the project priority now is getting funding to support the ongoing network.

“The system is Wi-Fi based and needs funding and adding a small pool towards new cameras. Local businesses will have received an email, and I am following this up talking to them.”

The CCTV project is a collaboration between Dargaville police, the Dargaville Community Development Board and Dargaville Business Forum.

”CCTV is something we probably hope we don’t really want or need, but the reality of life is that with all the other towns in Northland either having or planning CCTV. If our town is not covered it will become a soft target for the less desirable elements of our society,” says board chair, Allan Mortensen.

“With stage one complete and stage two planning underway there are ongoing costs for broadband, maintenance and a coordinator for managing volunteers, monitoring the system and working with the police.

“We are asking the business community for a contribution towards these costs as a buffer for about 18 months while we prepare a submission to the Kaipara District Council for a targeted rate.

“A safe town is an attractive town, for residency, business and commerce.

To ensure this future, if everyone in the area pays a little each year in rates the cost becomes minimal. Dargaville is amazing to live and work in, so let’s all join together and work to keep it that way. If everyone does a little, it is not hard to do.”