Ford tools — what the professionals use, and now available to stock your own garage, workshop and ‘man shed’

Geared up for success

by Andy Bryenton

The Ford name and its iconic blue brand has long been associated with motoring advancements, from the days 115 years ago when company founder Henry Ford first revolutionised car manufacturing and put the world on wheels.

However, the best designs and the smartest engineers need more than innovation; they need tools.

Ford tools, as a brand, seems such a logical extension of the Ford philosophy that seeing the large range on offer, it’s just a natural fit.

Manufactured to exceed the toughest standards, and utilised by industries as varied as construction, renovation and fabrication as well as the obvious automotive and engineering worlds, Ford tools combine durability with innovative design, fitting every niche in the workshop.

As noted, this is not just a selection to please the dedicated Ford auto owner, though a garage kitted out in the blue-finished steel and prominent chromed badging of the Ford tools range would be a delight for those who are lucky enough to own a classic Mustang or a modern Ranger, for example.

The range goes beyond rolling tool cases, sockets, crescents, drivers and ratchets and into the realms of serious power, while still comprising garage essentials like trolley jacks, axle stands, creepers and inspection lamps.

Power tools include hammer drills, grinders, reciprocating saws and range of battery operated lithium-ion powered products. There are even options up to and including full workbenches so that a complete Ford tools fit-out is possible for home or business.

The big difference here is that these are not merely a range of disparate parts carrying the Ford brand in homage to the success of a legendary automaker. Ford tools are designed to take on any other brand of tools on the market in terms of quality and strength.

That’s why they get to wear the blue oval in the first place. Check out the entire range at