Get in behind

by Matt King MP for Northland

In every society, there are idiots. Usually, they can be ignored. However, in times of national emergency, they become more pronounced and their actions even more idiotic whether it is flouting the law or — worse — taking the law into their own hands. 

Fortunately, this column is not about them; this column is about the rest of us.

Much has been written about how we acted and continue to act during this pandemic. Much of it was laudatory and justifiably so. We knuckled under, mostly stayed in our bubbles and showed a wonderful sense of compassion and common sense.

Rightfully, we gave tribute to those who stood on the ‘front line’: the essential services, the health professionals, our emergency services and especially our supermarket checkout operators who didn’t deserve the risk they took but did so, anyway.

They were all heroes — and remain so.

There is another group though, that deserves mention, deserves our thanks, and there are a lot of them here in Kaipara.

I am talking about farmers. At the best of times you farmers are an industrious bunch; at the worst of times, as we have just seen, you excel. You kept working; you kept producing; you kept us fed. You and the service industries who serve you, such as transport operators, did a superb job during Covid-19.

Even more important for us is that you will continue to do that job. Whilst major industries and income earners such as tourism will take years to recover; it is more important than ever that we have a working, efficient farming sector taking a lead role in New Zealand’s recovery. We do not call farming our primary industry for nothing.

Good on ya, farmers for getting in behind the country.