The government will be investing $12m to help improve catchments with a share going to Kaipara

Government aids Kaipara clean-up

by Paul Campbell

Kaipara Harbour protection groups are to get a financial shot in the arm with an unspecified share of the government’s allocation of $12 million as a first grant to clean up the country’s waterways.

The Budget this year allocated a total of $229 million nationally to improve the nation’s water resources with the first allocation of funding made last Sunday.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said: “To support this the government will be investing $12m to help improve catchments, with a share going to Kaipara, the largest estuary in New Zealand, showing how it will be done — a unified effort led by the community, with government support. Estuaries like the Kaipara are clogged with sediment and mangroves.”

Actions will include solutions already ongoing in Kaipara such as:

  • Riparian planting, and wetland preservation and development
  • Fencing streams to prevent livestock trampling at waterway margins
  • Using the best science to locate sediment hotspots and measure sediment flows
  • “The direction of travel is clear: we need to reduce the pollution nitrogen, sediment, E coli and other contaminants from flowing through our cities and farms and into our waterways,” Jacinda Ardern said.

Environment Minister David Parker said the government was working with the community to help understand what can make the greatest difference and then what interventions to take, such as where to build and restore wetlands, or where more hillside planting is required to stabilise steep land, as part of its nationwide programme.