Attack aftermath. Hall committee member Loraine Rowlands examines a damaged exit doorway

Hall is back in business

by Andy Bryenton

Despite thousands of dollars’ worth of damage done to the Paparoa War Memorial Hall in a Labour Weekend vandalism attack, the community has combined to clear up the worst of the damage and the hall is back in business serving a variety of community events.

However, there are still visible signs of the attack, and the hall committee is coping with the aftermath while awaiting advice from the hall’s insurers to bring it back up to full use again.

“We have had huge local support, and all the glass has been replaced by a local tradesman, and others have also done great service,” says hall treasurer, Robin Skelton.

The insurance excess of $2,500 has now been covered by local individual and community group donations. The hall committee is waiting for details from the insurance company to tackle repairs and replacements to the hall doorways.

“There is remedial work to do on the floors and some painting to do, but in the meantime, the hall is being used,” said Robin.

At press time, the committee had not been advised of the progress of the current police investigation into the attack. The committee has said the event was purely an act of vandalism rather than theft.