Still a superstar at 32, Harold the Giraffe visited Ruawai Primary School this week, spreading a positive message of health and wellbeing for kids

Harold teaches lessons for life

by Andy Bryenton

Students around the Kaipara, including those who enjoyed a visit this week in Ruawai, are benefitting from the positive message of a familiar character who has become a Kiwi icon during the past 32 years.

Harold the Giraffe, a mascot of the Life Education Trust, is not only alive and well — he’s still out there with his human ‘helpers’ promoting healthier lives for kids.

Mandy MacCarthy Morrogh teaches inside a converted semi-trailer; a big rig classroom in which, on a cloudy Wednesday morning, more than 20 kids are learning about fire safety, emotions, being brave and kind, and what’s healthy for growing bodies and minds. It’s a similar scene to that, which many of today’s parents might remember if the Life Education Trust came to their schools. Northland’s trailer must cover a large area, and Mandy offers special thanks to the folks at Douglas Transport for assisting in bringing the Life Education programme to our part of the country. Harold continues his mission since 1987, to promote self-esteem and a sense of uniqueness in our nation’s kids.