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Healthy Northpower distribution

by Andy Bryenton

Northpower electricity consumers will receive a discount, which could well be in the hundreds of dollars this December, a healthy increase of the distribution to consumers offered in 2018.

This year’s distribution totals around $10.2 million, thanks to Northpower and the Northpower Trust. According to their calculations, most residential and business electricity customers connected to Northpower’s network will benefit from a discount of $220.80 (including GST) in December 2019. The only exception to this will be those using less than 2,000 kWh a year, who will receive a discount of $63.25 inc GST.

“We’ve lifted the amount and locked it in earlier this year so that our customers know what to expect. It’s all part of work underway to make things simple, and lift our contribution locally,” says Northpower chief executive Andrew McLeod, a point backed by Northpower trustees.

The discount will be shown as a credit on customers’ December electricity bills. However, some retailers paid earlier than expected, so customers should check their November bill as well.

“Northpower is planning to spend over $200m building, maintaining and upgrading the Northpower electricity network during the next 10 years.

There are currently more than 60,000 electricity connections on the Northpower network,” says Mr McLeod.