The replica of Cook’s Endeavour gets ready to sail for 250th-anniversary celebrations

Heritage roadshow for Dargaville

by Andy Bryenton

This month the Tuia Matauranga Roadshow will visit many towns and cities around New Zealand as part of commemorations of the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s voyage; thanks to Dargaville’s local museum, the roadshow will be stopping here on October 30.

While the impressive, expanding ‘museum in a truck’ was originally only slated to visit places where the Endeavour replica and its accompanying flotilla sailed, Dargaville was included as an exception thanks to the intercession of Dargaville Museum director Maree Saunders and her team. With similar themes of our maritime past, both European and Maori;

There was resonance between our purposes in educating and engaging our locals with history.”

The Tuia 250 mobile truck contains artefacts and interactive displays covering 1,000 years of Pacific maritime discovery, both by the great Polynesian navigators and the Europeans in the age of sail. There is plenty to view and explore inside, and on October 30 the rolling exhibition will stop off at Dargaville Primary School for the benefit of not just students, but also members of the public to experience. The Ministry of Culture and Heritage, who are the force behind this commemorative initiative, say that it’s an investment in our shared future.

“Maintaining and building strong respectful relationships, celebrating the rich heritage of all the people that have chosen to live here, and
strengthening our relationship with the environment.”