Hospice Kaipara’s large volunteer team, staff and board gathered alongside Dargaville’s Rapid Relief Team at their end of year Christmas function

Hospice team reflect, renew

by Andy Bryenton

Hospice Kaipara staff, volunteers and board members gathered with family and close friends on November 29 to honour the commitment of those who give their time to this vital service, and to acknowledge those leaving and those joining important roles.

Dargaville’s Rapid Relief Team, another voluntary group, dedicated to providing care, relief and compassion in times of need, offered to cater an extensive festive lunch, with further contributions coming in from Countdown Supermarkets. Before enjoying this feast, Hospice volunteers were thanked profusely by those who manage and administrate the organisation locally.

“We wish to thank you all, for all you have done for Hospice Kaipara, in all your roles. We’re extremely grateful,” said the team’s family support coordinator, before long service medals were awarded to volunteering veterans. Also revealed were the identity of the new chair of the hospice’s governing board, prominent Dargaville businessperson Joanna Ewenson, and the new manager of the town’s hospice shop, Jeni Gorrie.

Previous store manager Jane Walker, leaving after an 11-year tenure, was personally thanked by many of the staff she has worked alongside. Things have come full circle for the Hospice Shop in Dargaville. As an incoming manager Jeni was working with the organisation more than a decade ago when Jane assumed the managerial role. During her tenure, there have been substantial changes to the look of the shop, with the current, recently refurbished space providing ample space for the widely varied goods offered by community members.