The combined volunteer team who serve Dargaville Hospital were honoured with an end-of-year function and praise from administrators and managers

Hospital volunteers honoured

by Andy Bryenton

Volunteers who give freely of their time to help hospital patients in Dargaville were honoured by the medical administration and the Order of St John last week for their efforts in 2019.

The Dargaville Hospital put on a special function for members of the St John Friends of the Hospital team along with those engaged in chaplaincy services, the non-denominational group who offer spiritual comfort and advice to patients who request it.

Hospital spokesperson Jen Thomas praised their dedication and compassion.

“We’d like to acknowledge the amazing work that you do in our hospital and our community,” she said, addressing the combined group.

“Volunteering is often a difficult task, but it can also be very rewarding. You are making a positive change for our patients, and we would like to say thank you, and express the greatest gratitude for what you do.”

St John instigated Friends of the Hospital approximately a decade ago, while the chaplaincy service evolved from the practice of having a Christian minister on call and went permanent 20 years ago. Further thanks came from the nursing staff, hospital administrators and the team at Dargaville’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility, all of whom acknowledged the input of the hospital volunteers.