Chris Biddles

I will give my best

by Chris Biddles

The success of the Northpower company determines the possible dividend to consumers.

Once elected to the trust, I will add value when appointing directors to the Northpower Board and to the trust’s role of monitoring the performance of the company and its directors.

I will give my best to ensure the trustee’s role is carried out as per the constitution.

With a strong knowledge of good governance and successfully governing a number of Northland projects during the last 25 years, I have the experience to add value to the trust.

Some of my previous governance roles include:

  • Sport Northland Trustee 2000–2018, 12 years as deputy chairman and four as chairman
  • Chairman of Whangarei Aquatics Redevelopment Committee, successfully building a $10m complex that opened in 2009 — freehold and under budget
  • Angus NZ Board 2002–2012
  • Angus Pure Director 2004–2008
  • PBBNZ (a livestock solutions company) director 2006-2013, four years as chairman
  • Chairman of Sportsville Dargaville, 2013–current
  • Te Kopuru School BOT 2002–2008 (four years as chairman)
  • Chairman Te Kopuru Community Hall building project. A half-million-dollar project opened in 1999 — freehold
  • As you can see, I have spent much of the last 25 years in roles that benefit the citizens of Northland.

I seek Kaipara voters’ support to continue to do this by serving on the Northpower Electricity Trust. I have the ability to look at the short term goals of the trust but more importantly, look to the long term goals and vision.

Along with my wife, I farm a large property on the Pouto Peninsula. We have two adult daughters, both married and living in the Kaipara.

Joanne and Charles and their two children lease half our farm from us, and Megan and Eric with a baby daughter live in Mangawhai, but work in the Warkworth/Silverdale area.

Karren and I operate a successful Angus Stud selling bulls throughout New Zealand. We have won a number of national farming awards.