Jay Tane

Jay Tane for local council

by Andy Bryenton

The principle of democracy is that of selecting a strong voice to speak for one’s community. Jay Tane believes that he can fulfil that role for the people of the district he was born and raised in; where he works, and where he has established a family.

Jay is proud to live here in the Kaipara District, and he’s passionate about giving back to his community. He is currently the chairperson of his local marae on the west coast north of Dargaville, but many local residents will recognise him from his work; maintaining infrastructure and working on utilities. Along with integrity and ideas, this means that Jay has a real, hands-on knowledge of what keeps a town working smoothly.

Moreover, because of this background, Jay is dedicated to honesty and transparency in local government. As one of those working on the front lines of infrastructure and amenities, he knows the necessities of good fiscal management and maintenance of vital services.

“I want to be a strong voice for my community, advocating responsibility and best use of ratepayers’ money when it comes to delivering amenities and services for an outstanding place to live.”

Doesn’t it make sense to give your vote to a person who is out there in the real world, fixing problems and maintaining people’s living standards day by day? Jay asks the voters of the Kaipara to give their approval to his candidacy, as someone who can offer practical answers and strong advocacy for the district.