Crown Manager for the Kaipara District Council, Peter Winder, is stepping down

Kaipara Crown Commissioner goes

by Paul Campbell

After seven years administering the financial fallout from the ill-starred Mangawhai Wastewater scheme for the Kaipara District Council, Crown Manager and former Commissioner, Peter Winder, will step down from council at the local body elections on October 12.

He delivered his final report to the September council meeting, saying he was “confident that the role of Crown Manager is no longer required. I have every confidence that the council will be able to sensibly resolve the remaining rates-related legal issues arising from the period before and during the Kaipara Commission. I wish the council and the people of the Kaipara District well for the future.”

He says the ongoing legal action initiated by some ratepayers is well understood by council staff and that the council’s legal representatives are well equipped to continue effectively.

Council chief executive, Louise Miller, said “we can see a positive pathway ahead with incoming elected members to drive our vision and a stable and capable council.

“It has been a difficult time for the council and ratepayers, with differences of opinion about the direction we should take. Thankfully, those times are now behind us, and we’re able to move forward,” says Ms Miller.

Mr Winder’s final report is due to the Minister of Local Government before his role is officially disestablished.

He was appointed by the government to assist council on any outstanding and future legal actions relating to the development of the Mangawhai Wastewater Scheme, and the setting or collection of rates during and prior to the Kaipara Commissioners’ term, on council’s behalf.