Kaipara Grey Power

by Kaipara Grey Power

Welcome: Our mission statement is to be the appropriate voice for all New Zealanders.

Grey Power New Zealand Federation Inc (formerly known as the Auckland Superannuitants Association) was started in February 1986 to campaign for the abolishment of the surtax on NZ Superannuation. Nowadays, we are a nationwide Federation of Associations.

Grey Power is an advocacy organisation promoting the welfare and wellbeing of all those citizens in the 50-plus age group. We monitor what the government is doing and how that will affect our members — meeting with influential people, including politicians, to make our views known.

A brief overview of some results that Grey Power has been effective in achieving:

  1. Asset testing legislation being phased out
  2. Lower doctors’ fees
  3. Lower pharmacy fees
  4. Removal of over-80s driving tests
  5. Lower tariff electricity
  6. Superannuation increased to 66% (net after-tax ordinary time weekly wage)
  7. Rate Rebate Scheme revitalised and more recently extended to include retirement village residents
  8. Independent superannuation and income centres
  9. Improved regulations for rest homes
  10. Code of Practice for rest homes
  11. The National Superannuation Adjustment for tax cuts in 2008
  12. Hearing aid subsidy increased
  13. Rates Rebate Scheme indexed to CPI. Amount now $580 (originally $500) and threshold now $23,240 (from 20,000 originally)
  14. Spot audits for rest homes
  15. Retention of graduating doctors — (Student Loan)
  16. Retention of SuperGold Card off-peak travel
  17. Increased funding for glaucoma operations
  18. Annual clothing allowance for grandparents raising grandchildren
  19. Winter energy payment
  20. Security doors on most council-owned pensioner flats

Lobbying government departments. Grey Power Federation has a very powerful lobby group that meets regularly with ministers of the Crown and heads of government departments. Some of the many excerpts from the lobby group are reported in the latest Grey Power magazine: Office for Seniors.

There is improved information for members regarding the process involved in the reassessment of residential care subsidies.

The Ministry of Social Development is continuing on converting the SuperGold card to a smart card. ACC is now working on making form-filling easier. Grey Power has achieved the recognition of retirement village residents as ratepayers, thus getting entitlement to apply for a rates rebate.

Kaipara Grey Power meets every third Friday in the Methodist Church Complex at 1pm. Everyone is welcome. If you wish to join Grey Power phone Des Cameron 09 439 0450 or Ken Cashin 09 439 4452.