Kick-start wharf repairs and waterway renewal by having your say on how Provincial Growth Fund contributions are invested

Kick-start targets sea lane infrastructure

by Andy Bryenton

Things are moving swiftly on the wharf and harbour lane infrastructure front, with the Kaipara District Council calling for public input on how best to deploy a large disbursement from the government’s Provincial Growth Fund.

It has been confirmed that $4 million will be directed toward the improvement of water-based transport amenities, with a view to create tourism opportunities and connect communities. At the core of this process is community involvement; a factor, which the council is taking very seriously, due to the historic nature of Kaipara’s wharf network and its potential.

“It’s very important that we understand that these wharves are a hub for the community,” says council spokesperson for Kaipara Kick Start projects Dianne Bussey.

“There is such a lot of wisdom and knowledge in our small towns about them, and we must listen to what the public wants.”

To make this possible, a series of local meetings have been called around the Kaipara Harbour heartland, inviting the public to have their say.

Meetings will take place at the Tinopai Community Hall on February 16 from 10am, and then at the Paparoa War Memorial Hall on February 17 from 5pm. Both the KDC and the administrators of the PGF express their desire for citizens to make their views heard.