Light, bright and the future

by Paul Campbell

Light and bright is the colour palette being selected by top interior designers for the year ahead as we emerge from the winter doldrums of spirit and look to a brighter future on the homefront.

Those colours range through to the ones that exist in nature. Sand, wood, various greens, sky blue, coral white, light ashy and grey and will no doubt find the way into the upcoming house are garden magazine editions.

Already design pundits are talking about personality and character. Then too, is the trend to smaller is better — let’s face it; building costs are not getting any lower with the passage of time.

For the sleeping function of life, lofts are becoming the in-thing, especially on the bachelor front, where the pad lends itself to creativity.

The loft is the in-style; arty and simple and it can be created in a number of styles with wood, metal and padding to complement cosiness.

There is also an upcoming design view that less is more. Uncluttered spaces make for easier, nay calmer living. It’s a far cry from the Victorian clutter of yesterday’s bric-a-brac and ornamentation.

Fewer items in the rooms make space much more apparent. The simple reality is that minimalism is beautiful in any form it takes. The environment too rears its design head for the coming year, and the eco theme is one to be embraced particularly with eco-friendly materials being used, not to mention the cleaning products in the cupboard. Planning on redecorating in those aforementioned nature-based colours, then be aware that paints can be toxic.

Many contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemicals that contain carbon, which evaporates into the air at room temperature and contribute to poor air quality, even headaches and nausea. Ask your supplier for zero-VOC paint. If you are adding building materials to the design mix, look to recycling wood, glass, metals and tiles. There are plenty of second-hand outlets that will fire your imagination.

We say there is nothing new under the sun, and 2020 will certainly see that old decor standby reappearing.

Yes, plants are still the way to go, and it’s good for the air you breathe too.

Indoor plants are a winner every time.