Sheena McKenzie

Making good decisions

by Sheena McKenzie

I have lived in the Northern Wairoa area all my life, being educated at local schools and employed locally until beginning my own business in 2002, bookkeeping and supporting many businesses in the Kaipara area.

This exposes me to many services and industries and their environments today and going forward into the future, and I bring these experiences with me in my role on the Northpower Electric Power Trust.

I think it is an important role of the trustees to select the right directors for Northpower, having the right people around the table to make good decisions for keeping Northpower strong for the benefit of its owners — you and me.

It’s important to meet regularly with these directors, nurturing good relationships and open communication to get the best results for our consumers.

It’s also important to know that when we turn the switch on, that the lights do go on, that we have a strong and resilient network and that the lines that carry our electricity and fibre are kept to a high standard.

We must always be looking into the future to be prepared for what may come our way.

I support keeping Northpower Ltd a consumer-owned company by retaining our share in its ownership — it’s ours, let’s keep it that way.

Northpower is for Northland. These points are important to me in my role as a Northpower Trustee, and I am committed to protecting what we already have and work towards achieving better results for Northpower’s consumers.

I am honoured to represent Kaipara power consumers on the Northpower Electric Power Trust, and would like to continue this privilege.