Apikara and Anaru, Kaipara Abuse Prevention’s new team delivering youth mentoring services

Mentoring programme branches out

by Andy Bryenton

Kaipara Abuse Prevention is expanding their youth mentoring programme to include young women as well as young men, in a move, which seeks to build on eight successful years helping the community.

Programme coordinator for the existing youth mentoring programme, which focusses on providing male role models for young men in their early to mid-teens, Anaru Tana is enthusiastic to welcome Apikara Ferris-Bretherton on board, adding a new perspective and making the programme fully gender-inclusive.

“A lot of extra groundwork can be covered by two people, with a fresh perspective on situations,” says Anaru.

Apikara agrees and says that her previous experience in helping families via the Early Years Hub translates well into this new role. Female mentors are being sought now, and KAP invites anyone who wants to give back to their community in a real, practical way to step up.

“We are just looking for caring individuals to offer guidance, support and encouragement,” says Apikara.

She reiterates that mentors need not be ‘saints’ but agrees with Anaru that they should be grounded people with good hearts.

“That is what it takes to make a difference in the lives of young people.”

The commitment can be as little as an hour or two a week, and as the existing male focussed programme proves, it delivers results. Those with a will to help should call Apikara on 021 630 876 or Anaru on 021 159 6319.