Learning our early origins as New Zealanders — kids explore the heroic feats of navigation and exploration, which brought the first settlers to these islands

Navigating through history

by Andy Bryenton

Dargaville’s schoolkids got a chance to explore the history of exploration and navigation in the South Pacific, thanks to the Ministry of Culture and Heritage’s Tuia Matauranga Roadshow, in town on October 30.

Part of the celebrations commemorating Captain James Cook’s voyage of exploration 250 years ago, the roadshow, in the form of an expanding classroom on wheels, set up at Dargaville Primary, complete with interactive exhibits and dedicated staff on board to explain the story of Aotearoa’s discovery.

Dargaville may not have been on the list for a visit were it not for Dargaville Museum director Maree Saunders and her intervention on behalf of the town.

“While the Kaipara Harbour was not part of Cook’s first voyage, our heritage is rich in maritime history.

“There was a resonance between our purposes.”