Naadi Stewart will be weaving at Paparoa Shop and Brew as well as encouraging people to brew kombucha as an alternative to alcoho

New beginnings in Paparoa

by Ann van Engelen

As the new owners of the Paparoa Shop and Brew store, Naadi and Brian Stewart aim to introduce people to making kombucha as an alternative option to alcohol. 

“We were coming up to the house we purchased in Matakohe every weekend from Auckland with the intentions to permanently relocate in the future,” says Naadi.

The plan was brought forward due to the current lockdown.

“Between us, we have 12 children and are expecting our 16th grandchild. We relocated the evening before lockdown as we had purchased the business. The shop is a fabulous opportunity as I can continue with my weaving in-store, and people watch and learn from me.  

“Customers brew beer, spirits, and wine but making kombucha is also something I want to share with the community as it is easy. You can make it for your personal taste and drink it instead of alcohol. When you pour it into a glass it looks like you are having wine. To be social it is the ideal solution, particularly if you are pregnant or don’t drink alcohol.

“At the moment I am waiting for supplies to arrive as we ran out when people stocked up before lockdown. We are taking orders online via the Paparoa Shop and Brew or Created by Naadi Weaving Facebook. 

“In Auckland the money was good but life was terrible. We have had a challenging year and survived but take it as a sign to live the best life we can and enjoy. We made the change to clean up our lives and get out into nature where we love to be.

“We are loving it here in Kaipara and want to get involved in the community and look forward to new beginnings.”