The concreting team lay down a perfect base for what will become a brand new building

New era for a respected name

by Andy Bryenton

Dargaville’s long-established name in both concrete and Skyline buildings is set to carry on into a new generation from September. Owners with 40 years of experience in the industry, John and Annette Vuletich, proudly sell the Skyline Buildings division of his business to their son Jeromey and his wife, Nicole.

It’s a milestone, which the family and the businesses involved are pleased to announce, bringing to culmination a long-term plan that has seen Jeromey take up a managerial role in the Skyline construction aspect of this well-respected company. Now the two firms will be divided, under father and son respectively. John will continue to offer his more than four decades of experience in concreting to a discerning public. Meanwhile, the quarter-century association with Skyline is assured of being in good hands, under the new name of Vuletich Building and Contracting Limited, Jeromey and Nicole’s new company. Jeromey has been working with John for more than 20 years, gaining experience in both building and concrete, being more focussed on building in the past decade.

“Vuletich Construction would like to offer our profound and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way to this milestone,” says John. “Our customers through the years of course, in this district, and those who we have been privileged enough to help build a home or garage for their families. Our suppliers and those who have worked with us also deserve special thanks, as do the members of the team, past and present — who have worked hard to enable us to enjoy a lasting reputation.”

With Jeromey and Nicole, a new generation is injecting fresh enthusiasm and verve into the building side of the business, and the many decades of knowledge inherent in John’s experience is now focussed on his concreting craft. It may be the case that two Vuletich names in the Kaipara construction industry are better than one! John, Annette and the team would like to wish Jeromey and Nicole all the best for their new venture with the Skyline agency and all their other building work in the future.

“I am sure that the great service Skyline has come to be known for will continue on under Vuletich Building and Contracting Limited.”